Jessica’s clients look for quality, beauty and elegance. With her passion for precious metal and natural gemstones, Jessica has created a distinctive first collection. Putting craftsmanship, luxurious material and colour at the forefront, Jessica’s jewels are unique and timeless.

Equipped with an FGA, Jessica has travelled and sourced each stone included in the ‘Four Seasons’ rings, and the ‘Set in Stone’ necklaces. Gold is synonymous with this collection, it is pure, simple and elegant. Combining contemporary style with technique, JNL jewels reflect the glamour of a bygone era. All of the pieces are strong yet feminine, and look absolutely striking on the skin.

Jessica has forged relationships with highly skilled British craftsmen, whose expertise prevails in every piece.

The company also offers limited edition and individually made to order pieces. These are all handcrafted in the London workshop.

Visit www.jessicanaylorleyland.com.